another storm blows through

This one brought a tree down in our street.

Fortunately, the house opposite is set far back from the road behind its own high stone wall, so no major damage done — other than the demise of the tree, of course. There are lots of old, tall trees in the grounds across from us and during storms large branches do tend to come flying in our direction, but this is the first time I’ve seen a whole tree come down.

Inside Chateau Booker we’ve been cosying things up. Honestly, you wait twelve years for a pair of curtains, and then two pairs come along at once. These curtains are not for any windows but were inspired by our trip to Bern in November 2007 (I know, I know) where the canny Swiss had heavily curtained vestibules at the entrance to every café, every shop, every gallery. Our front door faces west, right into the prevailing wind, and we thought that our vestibule could use the extra insulation as well.

It’s a bit tricky to take pictures as it is so small. Here’s most of the “outer” curtain, over the front door.

The other curtain, appearing at the left of the picture, gets pulled around to cover the inner door. Both curtains are intentionally a bit too long, so that the excess fabric folds onto the floor. When it is all closed up, I’m supposed to be inside the house… but I curtained myself in to take this exciting floor shot (the additional fabric at the bottom is not a curtain, it’s my purple sweatshirt)

All part of our master plan to try and keep fuel bills to a manageable level… or not too far above that, anyway.

The master plan for the double cloth piece is a bit more complicated and I am not sure I feel strong enough to explain it, though I am taking pictures as I go. Here’s the state of the loom last night.

The wee “scar” which appears in the plain grey band a couple of inches from the cloth protector is an important part of this plan, but I am not sure how well it will do the job. We’ll have to see. As I’m experimenting, I have just started a second piece with a very slightly different treadling which I think might be more attractive when it is finished. Or perhaps not.

And finally, this is what happens to your camera cord when you try to take pictures while sharing the loom bench with a friend.

Oh look, it’s the purple sweatshirt again.

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    And what a lovely purple it is. That tree shot was a bit shocking, as we’ve been having rain and floods up and down the country. Come to think of it, we had that after the previous Christmas, too.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      We were a bit shocked too, especially as we hadn’t heard it! The wind was so loud that we never noticed anything more unusual was happening until we stepped out of the front door and saw it. Sorry about your flooding. I’m not a fan of extreme weather, and there does seem to be a lot of it about.

  2. Susan Harvey
    | Reply

    Now that’s a nasty storm! Glad you are all okay there… except for the cat who is about to be lit up like a string of Christmas lights 🙂

    Dorothy is at Crail right now so I hope they are okay there…


  3. Alice in Richmond
    | Reply

    The aftermath of storms is often shocking where I live too. Fortunately they all seem to be away from my house! Except for that time the lightning struck a tree in our yard.

    I LOVE that idea of the curtains for warmth.

  4. Kerstin
    | Reply

    Thank you AGAIN for taking the worst out of it! It blew through here today… (I hope, anyway – hope that yours was/is not the next storm…)

    • Cally
      | Reply

      I know, we’re being so good to you guys at the moment! At this point I would appreciate a few days without any more excitement as I have to travel on Friday and Saturday – the engineers are still out there sawing up the trees which fell on the train lines.

  5. neki rivera
    | Reply

    every time i watch the weather report i see those very close isobars over your “place” meaning high winds.
    take care.

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