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There are a couple of really cool items on other folks’ blogs which I feel compelled to mention here, even though I have already tweeted about them, posted them on Facebook and generally bored everyone silly with them.

First up is this “Recipe for a Happy New Year” which appears on Kathy Spoering’s tapestry blog. I need to get to know Goethe’s mum, it seems. I may not be launching myself at 2012 with much enthusiasm, but I’ll happily take each day with a grain of irony and a cup of tea. Maybe it will even help me cultivate that serenity she mentions.

Secondly, I am tickled pink by this mug which Brenda got for Christmas. I am very partial to a sheep mug, and have been not dropping but hurling hints at S since I saw this. The Herdy videos are priceless too.

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  1. Janet
    | Reply

    Ohmystars. I LOVE those Herdy things! Those wee little sheep will be exactly the thing to give my new wee little shop the right atmosphere. Anxiously waiting to hear back from them about becoming a retailer! 😀

    • Cally
      | Reply

      I would be your first customer! But… that would be a bit silly, I guess.

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