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Looking for more yarns of the right size and texture to use as inlay, I found these two balls of handspun.

No, of course I didn’t label them — you must be confusing me with an organised person. After some prodding and brain-racking, I reckon the one on the left is Blue-Faced Leicester and the one on the right is Teeswater. I am planning to use at least one of these and possibly both. They feel quite different (BFL being soft and bouncy, Teeswater more springy) but I am not sure whether they will look sufficiently different as inlay to make a detectable visual effect. Only one way to find out.

I have finished the squares in silk. From this angle, I can just about make out the blocks in the ground cloth too…

And the new twill medley warp is on the Megado and being sampled. Not a huge amount of progress in the last week or so, but many assignments and tests have been marked and research has been presented.

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  1. Michelle
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    I love the squares. Although you are busy, you seem to be doing really well in keeping up the weaving. Lovely, as ever, to see what you are up too.

  2. Sandra Rude
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    I can more than “just about make out” the inlaid silk squares. They’re beautiful! Can’t wait to see more!

    Re the workload, at least you’re managing to maintain some degree of balance between the academic and the fiber sides of your life. Balance is good, on the whole. Too much can get boring, but not enough is stressful. I subscribe to the theory of “Moderation in all things, including moderation.”

  3. Geodyne
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    Lovely even lofty handspun. The inlaid silk squares really stand out to me too. I have to say you’re inspiring me – I can picture this as a cushion textile. I especially love the subtlety of the white-on-white.

    I second what Sandra said about balance. I never feel I have enough time to play with my fibrey pursuits, but I may not appreciate them as I do if I did!

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