lights off

I happened to dash into the loom room in the semi-dark this morning and realised that it was actually much easier to see the pattern in the ground cloth of my Theo Moorman samplers. This is the one I’m working on at the moment:

Or was working on. The other thing I did this morning was discover the hole in my oven gloves — when I put my finger through it and straight onto the hot baking tin. Several hours and much iced water later, the skin is just starting to go shiny… and the incipient blister is right on the tip of my index finger, making shuttle throwing a distinctly awkward business. It’s lucky I managed to get a fair bit of weaving done yesterday — both on the above and on the latest twill medley scarf.

I left my knee in the frame because I thought the scarf went quite well with my skirt!

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  1. Geodyne
    | Reply

    Ow! You poor thing – perhaps it was time for a break anyway.

    They both look fabulous. I can see the silk, wook and lurex very clearly in the TM photo. You must be really pleased!

    Heal well!

  2. Dorothy stewart
    | Reply

    Hi Cally, the TM projects looks amazing. The gold thread makes such a difference. That has been a great workshop for you !
    Sorry about the finger though !


  3. Sheila Carey
    | Reply

    Ouch! And the blocks in the ground cloth show up clearly in this photo. 🙂

  4. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Both the Theo Moorman and the twill medley look fabulous. Sorry about the burn, though!

  5. ladyoftheloom
    | Reply

    I know I would not have the patience for the Theo Moorman inlay but it is GORGEOUS! I wish I did! And the twill scarves are something I definitely could see myself wearing.

    I was just reading yesterday in our newspaper that soy sauce on a burn takes out the sting if applied rather quickly after ice or cold water of course!

  6. marion berkhout
    | Reply

    Hi Cally,

    I like the Moorman but that scarf…… mmmmmmm, so beautiful.
    Both projects make me smile this morning.

  7. neki rivera
    | Reply

    ouch! aloe vera and no stinging nor blisters.the TM is gorgeous!!

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