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No surprise that this is slow going! However, my test piece was a help in trouble-shooting several things — the tie-up, for one, and the tension on the fine gold thread for another.

I wasn’t sure I could knot the gold thread around the apron rod, so I had lashed on instead. However, I had made my groups of ends from wool and gold together, which made it difficult to adjust. Silly idea, really, but I hadn’t kept them separate after I sleyed the reed and it seemed such a fiddle to separate them out again… and I had a vague idea I could adjust them when I had woven a scrap header. Uh-uh. Now they are in separate bundles and lashed on alternately, one bunch of wool ends then one bunch of gold ends. It’s a bit uneven — but, fortunately, it’s a forgiving method!

The main thing is that the result is a lovely even tension and the gold threads are all behaving themselves beautifully.

After washing, the white-on-white squares in my sample are much more visible. They are not noticeably more easy to photograph, however, so you may have to peer…

My treadling errors are all too visible, but I hope that there will be fewer now I have re-organised my treadles. I’ve made a start with a very simple design, using some of the handspun silk to make overlapping inlaid rectangles. I drew up a low tech chart and have taped it to the loom.

I’m working from bottom to top and ticking off the blocks as I go — each square is 6 ends/picks of wool. It looks like this:

I can’t see the gold at all in that picture, although it is the gold warp — which sits slightly higher than the ground warp — that is supporting the apparently-floating shuttles! From the side it glints in a very satisfactory manner.

I’m glad I decided against a scarf since I’m finding it difficult to keep the selvedges even. This is partly because of the three-end twill, which I am not quite used to, and partly because I am going so slowly. However, since I have allowed myself a nice wide edge to turn under, I won’t need to look at them.

In other news, I have finished the first brightly coloured twill medley and have a second warp ready to beam. I’m also really cheesed off with Google. I need to decide what to do, since they are seriously getting in the way of my enjoyment of other people’s blogs. Not that I have any power to do anything about that, but I could stop using some of their other services if I can identify suitable alternatives.

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  1. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Your sample looks great after wet-finishing! And I think the piece-in-progress will be beautiful, too. Oh, did your book get couriered to you yet?

    With regard to lashing on two very different fibers, I’ve found that using 2 separate lashing cords is sometimes very helpful. Messy around the apron rod, but effective.

    Best of luck with the Google Wars. I’m about to begin a Facebook War myself, but it’ll probably only extend to cancelling my membership in their little universe.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Not yet! But I think I may have confused my courier… I have a representative visiting at Easter so I’m hopeful that she will sort it out.

      I wondered about using two cords, but the only stuff I could lay my hands on was a bit thick and I thought I might create an apron monster. I seem to have misplaced the texsolv I usually use, probably as a result of tidying up…

  2. Susan Harvey
    | Reply

    Oh, Cally! That is simply elegant and beautifully woven!
    … and very inspirational….

    You have me thinking of Theo Mormon now… I did a workshop some years ago but haven’t taken it further.
    Perhaps its time to change that!

    I’ll be following your progress with keen interest!


    • Cally
      | Reply

      Thanks, Susan. I am enjoying the slow weaving — it is an interesting mix of simple and complex. I have to stay alert for every pick!

  3. neki rivera
    | Reply

    your lashing lengths are so even, i always end up w. long and short bouts 🙁
    the weaving is really spectacular.
    re master google: good luck. would open id solve your woes?

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Sadly it is my open id which google is suddenly refusing to acknowledge. I’ve been looking for clues and know that I am not the only person experiencing problems – it seems to have been identified as a google fault but they are doing nothing at all about it.

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