round trip

It’s been a hectic few days away from the loom. My usual teaching days in Glasgow were followed by a day trip to London for the quarterly committe meeting of the Journal. Yes, it is possible to make a day trip from Dundee to London, but — at the weekend in particular — it makes for a very long day: about 19 hours door-to-door with 5 hours of meeting in the middle. In order to reserve the last few shreds of my sanity for PhD completion, I have had to step down from chairing the committee and take a smaller role, which is a HUGE relief and I enjoyed the meeting all the more because I didn’t have to run it!

Anyway, I’ve no further weaving pictures to share at this time, so here are a couple of railway stations. The new concourse at King’s Cross has opened…

…which is a glorious structure, but does seem to have had the effect of increasing the price of the sandwiches.

Back home I was waiting for Stuart to pick me up and I noticed this sign, which I rather like. Sort of a one-size-fits-all station announcement.

And on Sunday Bear stayed in bed.

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