shades of white

I tried out my two kinds of wool alongside the silk I’ve been using.

In real life there is a just-perceptible visual difference between them — the Blue-Faced Leicester is slightly “woollier” and the Teeswater slightly glossier — but the main difference is that the Teeswater is really too thick for this warp. If you look at where the rectangles interlock, the Teeswater gives a pronounced ridge at the join, whereas the BFL and the silk sit quite snugly together.

So that makes the descision easy: in this next sampler I am mixing BFL and silk.

All these shades of white make me feel as though I am weaving a Farrow and Ball paint chart. Which would actually be quite a fun Theo Moorman exercise…

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  1. Alison Daykin
    | Reply

    I just love Theo Moorman, been teaching it in The Hague this week-end. I also love white on white, shows the qualities of the yarn beautifully. Have always wanted to weave a white on white table cloth. Maybe soon…

  2. neki rivera
    | Reply

    the sample blanket w the red pasess looks great in itself.looking forward to the actual piece

  3. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    Boy, these photos make me hold my breath while I study them!

  4. Alice
    | Reply

    I love this kind of exercise–making fine distinctions. Your exploration is interesting for it relevance to other techniques as well – tapestry, and other weft-faced structures of all kinds. So interesting.

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