April Spools Day

Another bright idea from Meg: a day to celebrate the humble bobbin. My bobbins are indeed of a humble sort. Nothing elegant here, just a lot of bits of plastic kept higgledy-piggledy in a plastic box.

The box itself resides in the storage thingummy next to the Delta.

I never take unused yarn off a bobbin unless I urgently need an empty bobbin — I prefer to have a variety of bits and bobs of yarn which I can experiment with, either on a new warp or on whatever is left of an old warp. If I do need to wind off unused yarn then I make it into a butterfly and add it to this collection.

This basket was extremely popular last year when it accompanied me to the workshop I led at my Guild. Bits of yarn that had been sitting in there for years were seized upon as just-the-very-thing-needed. So, on the whole, I would say that the system works pretty well.

April Spools Day” was posted by Cally on 1 April 2012 at http://callybooker.co.uk

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    Aha,but you have a lovely shelving/storage system, whereas mine all go into various plastic New Zealand ice cream containers and sit around looms looking forlorn. However, I do wind all leftovers on the recycled paper bobbins ready to be used in experiments, so I keep making paper ones every couple of years.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      I’m thinking that I should start doing that too, though it might take a while to turn thought into action!

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