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Thanks to all of you who said complimentary things about the pink and gold shawl after my last post. Fingers crossed it will turn out well! I have been making slow but regular progress, with a bit of loom time every day, which is a very gratifying state of affairs after the chaos of the last few months. At last my university teaching for the year has all been done and dusted; this makes for a much more balanced schedule, albeit one that doesn’t pay me anything. In fact our teaching hours are calculated in such a way that only about half of them are remunerated — or they are all paid at half the rate, if you prefer — so I’m mightily glad to be shot of them.

I’ve done one end of the inlaid gold and am now weaving the plain middly bit. You can’t see the pattern from above, so here’s a squinting-over-the-breast-beam glimpse.

With all the extra time I’ve gained, I’ve also been complicating-in-order-to-simplify my computer life. A bit like spring cleaning a cupboard, where it has to get worse in order to get better… What I call (through gritted teeth, since it is only four years old) my “old laptop” has finally been retired: it was touch and go whether retirement would be achieved before defenestration or the other way around.

I had to buy my “new laptop” a year ago as the old one had slowed to such a crawl that I couldn’t do my essential PhD sums on it. This was also a good reason to keep the old one in commission, though, as I didn’t want to clutter up the new before my thesis was finished. The thesis is not yet finished, I hasten to add, but the sums are pretty much done so I decided it was time to give my sanity a break from grappling with the old machine every time I needed to send an email. I’ve split up my gubbins so that all my own “weaving stuff” is on the new laptop, along with recent photos and a few other bits and bobs, while everything else, including my photo archive, is on our massively underused desktop PC. I had thought about retiring some of the archive to a separate hard drive, but then discovered the terabytes of empty space we had on the PC — and wished I had noticed it twelve months ago!

Anyway, after a painstaking week of file transfers and program installations, I am now hoping to get things done more quickly — especially those things I have moved to the PC, like documents and correspondence! The trouble with a laptop is that you can always do a bit more work while you’re sitting on the sofa and I find it hard to stop and switch off when the emails are piling in. I will simply have to be disciplined, however, as I need to use any fleeting moments of sofa-time to practice my braiding before I head for Braids in August. Much more important than silly old email.

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  1. neki rivera
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    and so computers are supposed to make our lives easier, but cleaning them is so daunting.

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