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One of the classes I have signed up for at Braids is Ingrid Crickmore’s loop braiding class. I was introduced to this kind of braiding at Convergence in 2010 but Ingrid recommends a slightly different method in order to increase the braiding possibilities. The resulting braid is exactly the same, but rather than use the index fingers for transferring loops from hand to hand this method uses the little fingers. I thought this sounded quite awkward – my little fingers are not well-trained in the fibre arts and the left one has been distinctly wayward since I broke it some fifteen years ago – but in fact when I tried it I found it easier than the first method. Colour me surprised. I reckon the difference lies in the fact that to use my little fingers I naturally tip my palms up a bit, whereas to use my index fingers I naturally tip my palms down. Palms up is, in my limited experience, less likely to lead to a pile of loops on the floor…

I appreciate that the above would be much less cryptic with pictures, but I can’t manage pictures of my own hands with loops on and Stuart is away staying with his father again this week so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or you could go and look at Ingrid’s fabulous blog. She is enormously generous with her time and teaching materials on this site and her instructions are very easy to follow.

My most recent braids are based on the colour sequence Ingrid suggests here although my yarns are a weird mish-mosh of rug wool and glittery ribbon from the odds and ends basket.

Weaving continues on both looms — mug rugs on the Delta and scarves on the Megado — but there isn’t a whole lot of new to share. I do, however,  like the reverse side of the mug rugs as they wind on to the cloth beam.

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  1. Julia
    | Reply

    What a great website! And I love your braids – are there more key fobs in the future? Those mug rugs are coming along!

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Ooh, I’d forgotten about the key fobs! They were fun. I think I OD’d on braiding when I sprained my ankle and couldn’t use the loom… Need to start again in moderation.

  2. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Indeed, very nice mug rugs! It’ll be difficult to decide which is the “right” side…

  3. Dot
    | Reply

    It sounds like your braids are good for fingers! They look good too.

    I’m really looking forward to Braids 2012, even though I couldn’t sign up for any classes. I hope to be at the Monday night bazaar and have booked for the dinner on Thursday.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Hey, you mean we might actually get to meet in person? That’s great!

  4. neki rivera
    | Reply

    pretty!you can make sets of 2 and have the chance to expose both back and front.

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