two in one out

That’s two things into the finishing pile and one out of it… I am storing up a whole heap of work for myself, but haven’t yet managed to scare myself into doing it.

I finished this warp…

…and have started this one (which I’m mentally calling “blue marmalade”)…

…but at least I have also tackled the fringe twisting on the Theo Moorman shawl experiment. I usually twist fringes after wet finishing, but was a bit worried about how the gold thread would respond to a soaking and I thought it might be better to try and exercise a modicum of control over it. My expectation is that the wool will contract a bit — not too much, I hope — and therefore the gold thread will start to protrude in little loops. I twisted the fringe “properly”, i.e. as if I were definitely going to keep it, but left it very long so that I can cut off the knots and either retie or completely retwist if I need to. The cloth will be subject to loopiness too, of course, but as the tie-down warp is held in place with plain weave it shouldn’t get completely out of hand…

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    Feels great, yes??

  2. Laura
    | Reply

    Always a good idea to have a Plan B. 🙂

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