studio move continues

So. Yes. Open studios. And meanwhile…

I’m pleased to report that the loom-van plan worked perfectly, much to my amazement. We picked up the van at 6 pm on Sunday, drove to my mother’s and loaded up the Delta, drove to the studio and took the Delta up to the fourth floor (three trips in the lift — the one with the body of the loom was a tight squeeze! — and of course my studio is in the farthest corner of the building), drove home and loaded up the Megado (which we had divided into two main pieces the night before), drove back to the studio and took the Megado up to the fourth floor (another three trips in the lift), drove the van back to the car park and clocked in at 7:46 pm. Not bad, eh? We might have had a new career option as loom removers, but somehow it doesn’t appeal greatly.

I’ve been taking photos on my phone and posting them in this Facebook album, but here are a couple of my favourites:

Yes, yes, I know the looms are pretty, but what really matters here are the little box things on the wall behind. Side by side they make a long shelf I can store reeds and sticks on without having to climb up steps to get them. The long shelf from above the dresser will eventually be making an appearance here too. Plus we’ll need to spend some time tinkering with the Megado’s dobby to get it balanced again. We hoped we might be better at it after a couple of years of on-off tinkering — we really had it beautifully tuned before the move! — but we still operate by trial and error rather than any deep-seated understanding of the particular strings and springs involved.

And the yarn is gradually moving in.

I am perpetually stumped by the yarn storage problem, as I think most weavers are. Not the “I don’t have enough space” problem, although that does arise from time to time, but the “how on earth should I organise it?” problem. I have several different systems on the go, depending on the way the yarn comes — on cones, in hanks, in (or is it on?) cheeses etc — but that doesn’t really match the way I use yarn. But then I am not sure I could readily define the way I use yarn in any case. It’s not really by colour, though that matters, or by fibre, though that matters too. It’s more about some quality of affinity that certain yarns seem to have for each other, but it isn’t a fixed affinity — it can change over time. Oh well, yarn storage by cone, hank etc continues for now.

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    Can you at some point show us how the megado mechanism is set up? Strings and springs weren’t exactly what I was expecting, but then I’m not sure what I expected. Maybe a few tiny men with pointy hats!

  2. Marion Berkhout
    | Reply

    I think you have organised it beautifully.

  3. Charlotte Engstad
    | Reply

    I’m sure you’ve got alot of excercise moving all the looms and the other equipment, I guess you won’t need to go lifting weights at a gym just now 😉 I like your new studio, it looks like a very nice place to work in. I know about the yarn problem, when I get new yarn, I often have to let it be in the boxes it arrived in, because there’s no place on my shelves.

  4. Judy
    | Reply

    I think you’ve nicely resolved the proper storage of yarn – enticingly! This just begs to be admired, taken out and petted, and used.

  5. neki rivera
    | Reply

    those looms, now that’s what i call a beauty shot!
    wish my studio was as tidy.

  6. Dot
    | Reply

    Lovely to see the progress! I do like that wall box storage system.

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