Open Studios at Meadow Mill

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Sing yo ho ho for another Open Studios event, though a much more compact one this time! At the last count I think there were 47 artists taking part, all based in the one building — which will be open for one weekend only.

The details are here:

I’m in studio 412, which is as far from the front door as you can get (just like the milk in the supermarket). All the way up to the top floor and then all the way to the end of the hall — so if you come to see me, then you’ll get to see everyone 🙂

The easiest way to find out about some of the folk who inhabit the studios is to go to this page of the WASPS website and from the drop-down lists on the left set Location to be Dundee – Meadow Mill.

Whether you like art and craft or whether you are just curious about refurbished mill buildings, there will be plenty to look at and enjoy.

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