overwhelmed and impatient

All this excitement has definitely thrown me off balance. You can tell I’m not myself: I just abandoned my previous weft idea for the current scarf warp and started using the new yarns on it without even sampling! It looks pretty nice on the loom, so I’m prepared to take my chances in the wet finishing.

At the same time as barging ahead, though, I am also feeling quite hesitant and even intimidated by the grand space I’m working in. I am steadily getting things into place and finally got weaving on the Delta today (those outstanding orders for mug rugs). The back of the loom looks a bit of a sight after the end substitution exercise mentioned here

…and I had to start the tie-up from scratch, since we took the treadles off for ease of transport. I had just grabbed the cords and gathered them into bundles, like this…

…so there was a bit of sorting out to do to get everything where it needed to be. I’ve developed a method for tying up summer and winter on the Delta which awards the tabby and tie-down to my right foot and the pattern to my left foot. My right foot then treadles a sequence from left to right — tabby, tie-down, tabby, tie-down — and my left foot joins in on the second and fourth lifts. However, I never seem to get the tabby lifts the right way round when I’m planning and always have to swap the cords around once I’ve tried it! (Apologies if this sounds like gibberish — I may not be using the authorised terminology for S & W but it makes sense to me to think of it like this. The reason for breaking the lifts into two sets is to save on the overall number of treadles needed. And the reason why it is rather convoluted is that the Delta is a countermarche loom so the combinations of raised and lowered shafts have to be carefully planned out.)

To try and inhabit the space a bit more comfortably, I have been getting out cones of yarn and putting them on the floor. It’s great to have enough floor to put things on! I can try them out in little groups and just leave them there for a while, then tinker a bit and so on.

Baby steps, but they are helping me to feel that the room belongs to me. In other news, I was rummaging around for bits of cloth (another way to clutter the place up a bit) and found the tooty frooty scarf I wove for the double weave study group and didn’t much like. I thought maybe it was time for an airing, so I have put it on display where I see it as soon as I walk through the door.

I can’t say I really like it yet, but I am enjoying its being there.

And in other other news, there’s another Open Studio event on my heels! Yes, I will need to put up a proper front page post, but in the meantime, there is an event on Facebook with the details: 3 & 4 November are the important dates.

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    Cally’s studio – Cats = Strange. On the other front, load up studio pics. We are all waiting. And…. how is the new yarn working??

    • Cally
      | Reply

      You’ve seen most of it! It’s difficult to get an overall view as the shelves in the middle are a bit of an obstacle. I’ll see if I can find the floor plan I made… it can’t have gone far…

  2. Margreet
    | Reply

    Lovely warp Cally. Cannot wait to see what you are weaving with it.
    Oh, how lovely to have space around you.
    The scarf, may be someone will like it at the open day!

  3. Charlotte Engstad
    | Reply

    I’m sure your new studio will fill up soon! I moved into my 50 sq. meter studio last fall, and now it’s filled up with looms, yarn, spare parts, finished prdsucts and I wonder where to put the newly arrived yarn boxes. Have a nice weekend!

  4. Ange Sewell
    | Reply

    Great to see you settling into your studio:)

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