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I’ve had three mornings in the studio this week and this morning was special. It was the first day when I haven’t needed something which was still at home. The muddle is steadily resolving into two piles: the relatively neat pile which is gradually being accommodated around the studio and the increasingly messy pile which now occupies the table in the former loom room. This is a big improvement as it is no longer occupying the floor. My main difficulty is that the places where I would have put these things away are no longer there…

But in the studio things are neat, more-or-less findable and being used. I have dressed one loom and beamed a warp on the other. The latter warp is for mug rug orders and was a bit of a fudge, as I wound it during the Open Studio and found I didn’t have enough of a couple of colours with me — so I wound some dummy ends to hold their places and made a note on my warp plan. Then I lost the warp plan. Well, I needed the folder it was in to take to Complex Weavers, because all the other folders were packed in boxes…  You know how it is.

So I spent a happy(ish) half hour with the warp spread out on the desk in a pair of lease sticks, counting the ends and writing out what I’d wound. My chief mistake was not using something wildly different as the dummy yarn, but of course it was my limited selection of yarns which got me into trouble in the first place! It’s just as well it’s for mug rugs and I therefore had only a hundred and sixty something ends to pick over. And now I  have a plan of what is and a plan of what should be, and I have the yarns to get from the one to the other. Right after I have been down to London for tomorrow’s Journal meeting.

By the way, did I mention that I treated myself to some yarn while we were travelling? It turns out that The Needle Lady — an apparently harmless knitting store in Charlottesville — stocks a wider variety of Habu yarns than I have ever seen in one place before… I valiantly restricted myself to two colours of silk/stainless steel (below left) and two colours of bamboo/copper.

I chose the silk/stainless steel to go with some silk yarns I have had for ages and want to play with — the copper/bamboo is pure random holiday indulgence.

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  1. Meg in Nelson
    | Reply

    I look forward to seeing more studio pics as well as of your weaving. What is to become of the room-that-was-your-studio? Cat Room??

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Phoebus seems to have decided on a cat room. We were thinking of something a bit less hairy, but as we just live here on sufferance I am not sure we have the right to say so!

  2. Dot
    | Reply

    Oh my, just two cones of Habu yarns from a big choice… how clever of you to leave the other temptations in the store! Good to learn of progress at the studio.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      It was, wasn’t it? Though I’ve shown less restraint since we got home — see the next post

  3. Alice in Richmond
    | Reply

    And to think, I live within 100 miles of The Needle Lady.

    I am *so* late catching up on blog reading but I am glad you had a good conference in the area and scored some outstanding yarns on your trip.

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