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I’m keeping busy in the studio producing scarves for the DCA Christmas Craft & Design Market on 1st December — for which details are now available here, by the way.

When I started making echo weave scarves, I used the colours and curves of the graffiti in our local skate park for inspiration and some of the results have been pretty bright. It can be quite hard to strike a balance between what is initially exciting in the visual source and what is actually desirable to live with! What I like about the graffiti, however, is that it is continually renewed and refreshed and so there are always new colour combinations to play with. Sometimes there are single, striking images, but more often there is a random juxtaposition of assorted elements — not intended to go together, simply neighbours by chance.

The current appearance of the wall at the top of the park…

…has given me the colours I showed you in my earlier post

…and quite a few more beside. (I posted a blurred photo of the wall just in case I inadvertently shared some choice language with you all, but in fact I find that playing around with blurring and funny effects in Photoshop is quite a good way to explore the colours and shapes without being distracted by the imagery.)

It seemed important to incorporate the greys as well as the bright colours — liveability being a consideration here as much as anything — but I am all out of my favourite charcoal grey merino/silk and the only greys I have in any quantity are very light. I do have black, but that’s very… black. And with my recent stash enhancement exercise I can hardly justify another purchase so soon (even in the light of this exciting initiative). You know those times when your mind is dealing with two issues quite separately, and then you suddenly realise that they are connected and wonder why on earth you didn’t notice it sooner? I hope you do and that it’s not just me. I had one of those realisations today.

I was sampling some weft yarns for a new warp — still combining the 2/64s in groups of three — and was wondering what combinations to try. I had three shades of turquoise on my left and two shades of orange on my right, so once I had wound a few yards of the turquoise blend onto a bobbin I thought: hmmm, I wonder what would happen if I traded a turquoise for an orange. Then I thought: well, they will probably just cancel each other out. Finally I thought: let’s try it anyway. I didn’t even think about the ‘problem of the greys’ until I had woven with it and saw this:

Problem solved! Incidentally, there is a black layer in the warp, but you probably can’t tell from here that it is not solid black — it’s black mixed with dark teal. I do like playing with these yarns… Trouble is, I need to concentrate on making stuff.

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  1. Claudia
    | Reply

    Is the yarn variegated or are you using all three yarns wound together on the bobbin? It looks like it’s variegated but I cannot see what colors you have used in the warp.
    The web has a very lively quality. It almost looks like shadow weave not twill.
    Nice job!

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Hi Claudia! Each yarn is a solid colour and I am just mixing them three at a time. The red in the warp is three different reds, the black is two blacks and a teal, the ‘grey’ is two turquoise and an orange. So many combinations and only one life to try them all in!

  2. Alice
    | Reply

    Exciting sample!
    Does Yarn Exchange currently sell to the U.S.?

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Good question! It’s so new I’m not sure what their policies are. In fact, though, you don’t buy directly from the website, you have to contact the seller so I guess it’s the individual seller’s policy which matters.

  3. marion
    | Reply

    I love the colours of the yarn sample. I like this way of playing with the colours anyway 😉

  4. Charlotte Engstad
    | Reply

    That’s veryexciting! I’m looking forward to seeing the result. I’ve never tried echo weave, so I’m very curious.

  5. neki rivera
    | Reply

    what colors!!
    i was rational about the shirley pinder yarns= no space whatsoever.
    don’t know if i can keep being rational for long.
    maybe move to bigger quarters? move husband- san out? moving me myself and i would create a lot of space 🙂

  6. apurav
    | Reply

    i love the technique you use the simple colours and make them toooo heavy feel.
    heads of too you…..

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