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  1. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Ohh! My favorite shoes! Not necessarily the fuzzy-lined ones, but Crocs in general. My feet are so accustomed to them, they’re like memory-foam mattresses for your feet!

  2. Dot
    | Reply

    Those look snug! Very cold here, it’s been below freezing for over 2 full days now, I don’t suppose Scotland is any warmer!

  3. Cally
    | Reply

    Yup, we’re definitely in the chilly season now! Much as I love the crisp air and bright blue skies, I am less enthused about the icy pavements and distinctly put off by the lack of heating in the WASPS loos… However, a quick check last week revealed a fan heater in the disabled loo, so I may reclassify myself for the winter months. I haven’t tried crocs before but the combination of slip-onability and the fuzzy lining was irresistable.

  4. neki rivera
    | Reply

    oh what a treat, refrigerated loos!! i can’t live w/out my birkenstock clogs.amazing how warm they are.

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