quiet day

We don’t often get one of these, so I was briefly at a bit of a loss… but then all the chores asserted themselves. Laundry, grocery shopping, and other favourite tasks which can only be postponed for so long, i.e. not quite as long as I typically postpone them. I still maintain that meals are possible from porridge oats and carrots, though perhaps not any meals which have been willingly consumed outside of a Victorian orphanage.

The craft and design market yesterday went well, although it was rather uneven: extremely busy from 2 – 4 and then very quiet from 4 – 6. They were serving mulled wine in the foyer and the most tantalising smells kept wafting towards us! My space was a nice little niche between two jewellery stands, and it was nice to meet some of the folk from Vanilla Ink who are actually WASPS neighbours (albeit two floors down, which is why we haven’t been bumping into each other). The lighting was a bit tricky, though. There was plenty of it — spotlights in the ceiling, uplighters and moveable spotlights — but, with the ceiling being quite low, it was difficult to arrange things so that the scarf tree…

…was (a) illuminated and (b) not casting a shadow over everything else. Eventually we worked out a place for everything, but it was a bit jumbled.

The scarves on the tree ended up being rather too far back for people to feel relaxed about touching them — although, fortunately, not everyone was deterred and plenty of things went off to new homes. (Aside: I love to see people’s reaction when they touch things I’ve woven. They are often so visibly startled by the lightness and softness of a scarf, say, that I can’t help wondering what they were expecting!)  Stuart made me the scarf tree a couple of years ago for using at table-top sales and it has done good service, but we need to think about some alternatives so that odd configurations don’t get the better of me.

Speaking of odd configurations…

…Polly wonders what’s going on up there.

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4 Responses

  1. MegWeaves

    Congrats on the sales. You’re having a booming year, and good for you.

  2. neki rivera

    good to hear the sales went well.

  3. Dot

    Lovely fabrics… and cats!

  4. Cally

    Yes, I’ve been very lucky with sales. I’ve also been finding that whatever I sell during an event, I sell about half as much again afterwards when I hear from the husbands and boyfriends – who want to buy whatever scarf their partner was admiring on the day. Fortunately, no two wives have so far wanted the same thing…