a day late

…for Meg’s challenge. And it was a pretty dull one in the life of my looms, I’m afraid. The only one currently warped up is the improvised backstrap I’m using for band weaving.

The Delta still bears the signs of its last use —

1 Jan 2013 Delta

— that’s the cord I used to lash on the previous warp.

And the Megado is still pegged up for the messenger bag fabric.

1 Jan 2013 Megado

I hadn’t tried weaving with half the shafts inactive before, so I was pleased that it didn’t annoy the dobby at all. It can be a bit sensitive at times, but I haven’t really grasped the whys and wherefores so just have to guess at what it needs until it comes right. Fortunately, the old “leave it alone and come back to it later” trick is often quite successful.

The one loom which did have a bit of excitement yesterday was my very first: a four-shaft table loom made by person or persons unknown. It has been released from the bottom of the linen cupboard to join its fellows in the studio so that I can use it for the taster days. In fact, that is how we met each other — at a taster day. I need to give it a bit of TLC and get it weaving again.

1 Jan 2013 4-shaft loom

I note that the masking tape I used to label the shafts and beater (when it was on “have a go” duty at an exhibition a while back) is still adhering to the loom. This is quite unlike the rubbishy tape I currently have, which unpeels itself and drops my chart on the floor before I have finished threading.

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  1. MegWeaves
    | Reply

    Oh, oh, oh, what the black loom to the left, pray tell?????

    • Cally
      | Reply

      That’s just my faithful 8-shaft sampling loom, max 12″ weaving width — did all my Bradford samples on that. Can’t believe it now, I get so impatient when I don’t have treadles! The last time I had a warp on it was two years ago. I plan to use it for workshops now — both for people coming to me and for me travelling to places. It fits quite nicely into a wheelie bag.

      It is so nice having space for all the looms and not have to squirrel them away. Stuart is going to put some pegs into the wall so I can hang up the folding ones between uses.

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