more playing

Messing around, taking photographs of yarn hanging on the wall.

skeins on wall

And later this week I will be off down to London for a CW study day on tied weaves, which is play on a very grand scale. I am looking forward to being there… but not to being away from home. I hate travelling in January. I once got “snowed out” — scary, but fortunately short-lived — and these days we also have the option to be flooded out, galed out and goodness knows what else. I will be so glad when I am home again.

I have been working too, though. Trying out ideas for samplers for the taster days, finalising an article for the CW Journal, getting my reports together for the quarterly meeting of the JEC… I only have the Delta warped at the moment (for sampler sampling), but I do have the first few ends wound for the next warp on the Megado. It’s a start!

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  1. Marion Berkhout
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    I love that picture!

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