warps of many colours

The title may be cheery but I have to warn you that this post is brought to you by Mrs Grumpy of Grumpysville. I woke up this morning with a very painful right shoulder and no particular reason for a very painful right shoulder, which was perfectly fine when I went to bed last night. That is just annoying. Not much point in heading to the studio today, then. Paracetamol have been taken instead.

I am pretty confident that I haven’t overdone things in the weaving line, in any case, since I haven’t had very much time even to underdo them. The London trip was a bit of a whirlwind, but highlights included seeing friends from far and wide at the CW study day and getting my godson doing his first ever weaving using my rigid-heddle-and-backstrap loom.

In my brief studio time over the last couple of weeks I have managed to get a bit of weaving going. I have mainly been occupied with crystallising my plans for the taster sessions. I’m trying not to let the excitement of having my own place to host events go to my head! It gives me the coveted opportunity to set things up the way I want them, but that doesn’t mean that I need to shoehorn everything into one day — I already know that that would be a bad idea. However, I’ve had a few chats with some of the people who have signed up, and there is quite a range of interests and expectations, so I reckon the most important factor is flexibility.

I’m going to be warping up the table looms in advance, so that people can get stuck in straight away. In fact, I have already turned these…

yarns for taster days

…into these.

warps for taster days

I know that’s a lot of colour, but it’s January! I started sampling on an earlier incarnation of the make-it-colourful idea, using a warp in blue and orange, but decided that harmonious colours would be better for the warps; then folk have the scope to keep it harmonious or introduce a bit of contrast if they prefer. The main thing I want is that each warp should include a light yarn and a dark yarn. This is all 2/6s cotton from William Hall (who now has a website!), by the way.

Sampling on 4 shafts is completely brilliant and I could go on for ages, if I weren’t running out of warp. I have a design for a very simple “finished thing”, a sampler of (mainly) assorted twills (once in the warp colours, once with a white weft and once with a black weft) and – the current section – a free-form sampler, using mainly plain weave, but with clasped weft, some inlay and I can’t remember what else. This gives me the material for three different individual  ‘pathways’ through the day depending on people’s preferences and experience. In the context of a very small class that will be fine, but my immediate need is to create three different handouts! I will get cracking on that shortly.

Besides the weaving, there will also be warp-winding and loom-dressing, so I need to make sure I leave one loom empty – with so many ideas buzzing at the moment, I have to watch myself. However, I have just put a long scarf warp on the Megado and that really ought to keep me out of trouble for a week or two.

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  1. Margreet
    | Reply

    Sorry to read about your shoulder. Hope it will pass as quickly as it arrived.
    It was good to meet up again. My head is still spinning with all we learned 🙂
    Enjoy your class, may many follow! What lovely colours they will work with!
    Of course, you’ll want time to weave yourself too 😉

  2. neki rivera
    | Reply

    hysterical!!! will come back and finish it once i stop laughing.
    oh and just noticed the lady kosher version 🙂 in the comments

    • Cally
      | Reply

      In case anyone is wondering what on earth Neki is on about…! She’s reached this post following a link I posted on Facebook.

      A friend of mine has introduced me to gizoogle.net, which translates any URL you give it into “gangsta”. My own faultless prose is thereby rendered… well, if you are likely to be offended by bad language I recommend you stay away. But if you have a taste for the absurd then please enjoy. I hope the fact that I find it hilariously funny doesn’t reflect too badly on me!

      Sounds as though the translation disappears when you comment, though – which is probably just as well.

  3. MegWeaves
    | Reply

    The only Gangsta word I know is “ho”, which doesn’t seem to fit the context of the post nor your person, so I’ll just say… “Bitchin’!”

    How many students are you going to have?

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Four playaz max, Meg.

  4. Marei Montalvo
    | Reply

    “A lot of colour” you say? I say it’s just right! I love color….it makes me smile….ACTUALLY SMILE…and if I lived any where near you/your studio I would love to be able to weave off those warps.

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