and we’re live

So my little corner of Seek & Adore is now live and accessible to all right here. So far I have only managed to add half a dozen scarves, but there are more in the queue.

Having recruited S as product photographer, I also press-ganged my sister-in-law, Nansi, into modelling and she was fantastic about it — and at it, as you can see if you browse a few scarves for sale. Other challenges lurk in the dark corners of this process, however. My Journal colleague Isabella recently posted about a seminar on blogging, where the importance of tags and ‘rich titles’ was emphasised — this all being part of making your ‘stuff’ as findable as possible via search engines. It’s something the folk at Seek & Adore — quite properly — take very seriously, and I have to make sure I’m entering all the relevant information. I find it pretty challenging just to come up with the regular descriptive blurb, and my brain is thoroughly racked by the process of generating keywords, meta titles and who-knows-what-all (technical term) for my wares… Then there are the options for postage. Who knew there were so many? My list of  Questions I Need to Ask is on to its second page already. However, I am proud to say that I am already 100% improved. It took me a whole evening to add the first two scarves, but on the second evening I added four!

In completely unrelated news: Pandas! Well, it is slightly related. Why was Nansi visiting Scotland, except that it is half-term in England… and when it is half-term, then do not aunts and uncles get to go to the zoo with nieces and their mothers? Yes, they do. And it turns out that English half-term is perfectly timed for panda viewing.

Here’s Tian Tian…

Tian Tian

Tian Tian 2

…and here’s Yang Guang:

Yang Guang

Yang Guang 2

He was very interested in Tian Tian and we even saw him showing off his handstands. She was not showing any overt interest in him, but was very active. We felt very lucky in the timing of our visit, especially since we had been quite prepared to find both pandas asleep/hidden behind a rock/away for bamboo infusions or whatever normally interrupts panda presence. There’s nothing like low expectations to give you a surprisingly good day out!

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  1. Charlotte Engstad
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    Congratulations on your corner in the webshop, I wish you good sales!

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