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Autumn/Winter 2013 Update

Who doesn’t want a picture of cheese on their website? Especially when that cheese is a delicious Stilton. Here it perfectly compliments the table linens I have just added to my shop on Seek & Adore.

table linen

The red, brown and gold colour scheme is perfect for keeping the table warm and welcoming as the evenings draw in, and the sheen of linen is especially lovely by candlelight. So set the table, pour the wine and enjoy!

bread cloth

Spring Update! My new ‘Highland Summer’ scarves have been added to the range available from Seek & Adore. Three colours are available, vibrant blue, fresh green and heathery purple. They are light and lacy… and inspired by data from the Met Office.

Photographs have been taken, scarves have been measured and weighed… and a small selection of my handwoven scarves in Merino and silk is now available to buy from Seek & Adore. More will be added soon.

Thanks are due not only to Stuart for his photography, but also to the lovely Nansi for starting a new career in modelling — in glamorous Perthshire in February. Fortunately, she is an accomplished actress and managed to look as though she was enjoying herself!


Posted by Cally, with photos by Stuart, on 21 Feb 2013 at Updated 25 April 2013, 15 Sept 2013.

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