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I had to take my play warp off the loom in time for Saturday’s workshop, but I did manage a little more sampling before that. I had been weaving with S-twist yarn so I rummaged around for some Z-twist yarn and a similar weight of regular yarn and starting mixing them up. In this picture…

high twist S and Z

…the leftmost part is woven with S-twist and falls into fairly regular pleats, the middle part is alternating two picks of S with two picks of Z and gives a much more uneven surface, and the rightmost (well, nearly rightmost) part is just Z-twist and is back to regular again.

The very rightmost edge of the picture above reappears in the top third of the picture below.

high twist mixed

From the top here we have: S and Z, Z only, Z and ordinary, ordinary only, and then a band of plain weave (which was just intended to separate things, but which I actually rather like!) followed by more ordinary, but of a different kind. I wanted to see whether I would get a more gradual flaring out compared with the abrupt change in my earlier sample, and I think I do. I’ve had mixed results on the selvedges, which is not very surprising given the different yarns I have been throwing around, but I must say it does weave well with the shuttle facing backwards (as suggested by Sandra). I’m not sure that was supposed to have a direct effect — I understood it to be more of a diagnostic tool — but if it works, I’m happy.

The main reason why I have been galvanised into getting these yarns out at last, is that this year is the tenth anniversary of Twist Fibre Craft Studio in Newburgh and they are having a wee exhibition with the theme of Twist. They don’t do a whole lot of weaving at Twist any more — although they still hold rigid heddle workshops — but they are the folk who got me started and I’d like to contribute something to the show. I think the high-twist yarns fit the theme rather well and that we may have the makings of a small scarf here. But I will have to put the warp back on the loom…

Oh, and speaking of exhibitions, I see that the prospectus for the Complex Weavers 2014 show has been published. This time I am going to plan ahead and you are all my witnesses. No flu is going to derail me this time, because I will be ready waaaay in advance of the deadline. Right?

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  1. neki rivera
    | Reply

    this is a situation where “I” would sample.
    your samples look promising

  2. Charlotte Engstad
    | Reply

    Thank you for a very interresting post, I’ve never tried twisted yarns, but now I’m very tempted…

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