Monday miscellany

Random things from around the web and the studio.

This collaboration between weaver Ismini Samanidou and sound artist scanner looks exciting. I particularly like chapter 2, because it has maps in it. I’m not hearing any sound yet, so hope that will eventually be acceesible online and not only at their presentation in Manchester.

Speaking of sound, writer Andrew Martin has been speaking of sound in the Radio 3 Essay. The Essay is one of the podcasts on which I rely when I am weaving. The topics are as varied as that all-encompassing title suggests and it has a particular quirk which makes it seem all the more unpredictable. Most BBC podcasts begin with an editorial voice telling you what the programme is that you are about to listen to (as well as suggesting that you should visit the website and download lots more). The Essay will have none of this pandering-to-listeners nonsense. Out of the silence comes an unknown, unannounced voice talking about… anything. I love this! The little written blurb you download with it offers precious few clues — maybe a cryptic title, almost never the name of the contributor — so the surprise isn’t spoiled by taking a peek.

A snow leopard, behaving rather like someone I know.

Making art in universities and/or doing research in art schools: an interesting point of view.

I’ve been making skeins and chains.

skeins 300 dobby chain 300

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