committees, cats and cushions

Oh my, it isn’t just my own blog I am slacking on — my feed reader is exploding with unread posts. Fellow weavers and textile artists, your productivity is unnerving!

Last weekend was the occasion of both the Association AGM and our quarterly Journal meeting, so I had lots of preparation to do ahead of those, mainly of the ‘handover’ kind. I still have a few items to finish off, but as of the AGM I am officially retired from the JEC and there are brave new volunteers in my place. In fact there have been lots of new volunteers in the last 12 months and it is really exciting to see how many skilled and idea-ful people there are around the table. (For a literal view of the JEC round the table, do visit our album on Facebook.) I will definitely enjoy having a quieter inbox, but I will really miss that table and the inspirational folk thereat. I will also miss the excuse to visit London every three months and see my godson. And his cat.


Theo Moorman cushion-cover-weaving was fairly speedily accomplished, although I managed to find a new way to make life hard for myself. I felt that the green weft I was going to use was too far to the blue end of green and I wanted to yellow it up a bit by adding some of the yarn I had recently dyed. But the two yarns were very different in diameter and winding them onto a single bobbin was not a success — so I ended up using two shuttles for my ground cloth.

green weft yarns

TM cushion

Having enjoyed the weaving, I now have to knuckle down to the sewing. I have made a start…

TM cushion finished

…but it is more fun to wind a new warp!

lights warp

This warp is short and narrow, a miniature version of something I have in mind. It is ages since I made a warp just for sampling, but as (a) these are silks and (b) I have no idea whether my plan is feasible, I reckoned I had better be prudent. I hadn’t got as far with this as I meant to before the end of the week, partly due to migraine-interruption and partly due to stupidity and failing to charge up my laptop. I had carefully worked out the liftplan I wanted to try but it was locked inside a non-responsive black plastic box, and I had to start over the old-fashioned way.

graph paper liftplan

I’ll let you know how it goes. In the mean time I am off to catch up on some reading.

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  1. Laura
    | Reply

    Sorry about the migraine, but the silk sample warp looks lovely. Hope to see it in person….soon! 😀

  2. Meg
    | Reply

    Yay to the end of your successful tenure, and YAY to the so-far-not-so-mad-looking trial warp.

  3. Marion
    | Reply

    That cushion is beautiful and the new warp…… Such beautiful colours, can’t wait to see when woven.

  4. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    Wonderful cushion!

  5. Sampling
    | Reply

    Beautiful cushio and new warp. Love the colours!

  6. Dot
    | Reply

    I love love love the green/purple weave and the cushion it has become! Also enjoy seeing cat pictures.

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