plans and whims

I’m the sort of person who likes to plan things, and also the sort of person who then abandons my plans when something else pops into my head. This recent warp was a whim, but I was quite pleased that I managed to incorporate a ‘previously planned’ element into it — just about the only way my plans ever do get accomplished. (That particular plan was to try using a space-dyed yarn in conjunction with some solid colour silks I had bought to go with it. I only used a tiny bit of the space-dyed yarn, but it totally counts.) I’m very pleased with the result of the whim, which is this silk wrap:


There are four different blocks of shaded twill changing face at different rates over a repeat of about 3½”, which was the longest I could manage in a dobby chain using these silks! I added the metallic yarn in the same shed as the silk, so it appears and disappears as the face of the twill changes. The aim was to suggest lights on water and for the moment I am calling this piece ‘Illumination’, though I’m not wedded to it. It was fun to make something that (a) is a one-off and (b) wasn’t over-thought before I started. I loved weaving with this silk too: it is a 60/2 nm, but I used two strands per end so that I could mix the colours. I have quite a lot left in shades of gold and salmon, so I think a companion piece may follow.

Last week I was making small steps towards implementing a long-standing plan to weave some scarves for men incorporating reflective yarns — hey, I even bought the reflective yarn! — but another whim got to the loom first. I have recently been blessed with some lovely gifts of yarn from weavers Doni and Kerstin and this has sent me spinning off down other pathways. OK, to be honest, Kerstin’s yarn — linen singles from Sweden — does in fact tie in with a plan I was supposed to be implementing before I decided to promote the reflective scarves up the list… Am I a completely hopeless case? Well, whatever the diagnosis, I am now rolling two plans up into one over-ambitious whim.

Looking back over the last paragraph… Yes, I am a bit chaotic at the moment. I do have an overall plan for the work I want to accomplish this year, but my own plans are not yet well matched to the annual cycle of craft events, deadlines etc that I need to take into account. So there is inevitably a bit of chopping and changing to get samples made, photographs taken etc. Then there is the rest of life jumping up and biting me on the bottom whenever it can. Plus I have to help Polly retrieve her toys…

Polly loses her bead

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  1. Ange
    | Reply

    The wrap looks gorgeous. I recently used 60/2 silk doubled up and was amazed at how soft and drapey it is. You don’t sound chaotic at all, as that is usually how my brain works 🙂

  2. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    The wrap is drop-dead gorgeous. Good work!

  3. Dorothy Stewart
    | Reply

    A beautifully colourful shawl and will feel lovely woven in silk..
    So many attractive designs and yarns keep popping up to distract us, makes it difficult to stick to a plan !

  4. Martha
    | Reply

    Beautiful, simply beautiful. Love the kitty picture too!

  5. neki rivera
    | Reply

    from the point of view of a professional ” whimmer” i can relate .it’s not chaotic, it’s creative thinking.

  6. Trapunto
    | Reply

    Lights on water I totally get. I also see a wet night in the city in a moving car–heading to exactly the sort of event where you would wear such a lovely wrap.

    Nothing so delicious as abandoning a plan at will! Keeps the blog suspenseful for your readers, too.

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