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I’ve realised over the last little while (my catchall term for a time period I cannot define but which I believe to be measured in weeks or months rather than years) that I am much less reluctant to modify my handwoven cloth than I was. It is not that I have ever had any objections to cutting, sewing, shrinking, slashing, shaping or doing any particular operation on it — though I may choose to practice on commercial fabric first, just in case — but simply that I prefer weaving to all the other processes: I would rather spend my time weaving cloth than spend it doing all the other things to or with cloth. So I think the gradual change in my attitude is chiefly because I have more time to weave, so I am not as ferocious about guarding that time. And I have also gained the confidence to know that if I do mess something up, I can pretty quickly weave some more and it won’t set me back weeks. And, crucially, I don’t have my looms in the house any more but I still have a sewing machine.

Hence — at the moment — little purses. I forgot to mention in my sneak peek that there are loads of useful online tutorials, and I found the ones from U-handbag particularly clear and easy to follow. Kleins Haberdashers also have some good videos on their YouTube channel. But besides the how-to stuff, I have also been extending my diet of websites and blogs to take in a wider variety of practices, and I particularly like TextileArtist.org which I hereby recommend to you.

I was thinking of red berries when I wound this for the Delta…

berry red warp

…but it is also quite a good match for the new growth on the pieris.


The garden is really weird at the moment. Everything that should have been in bloom six weeks ago has now arrived, but so has everything else… and the late-early-things look a bit startled to find themselves in this unexpectedly lush landscape.

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  1. marion
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    I don’t know if I wrote this before but those colours make me smile.

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