colour alchemy

I’m now weaving on a red/pink warp — I have no objection to pink when I get to choose it of my own free will! — and my weft is this mix of shades of olive green.

olive weft

In the cloth, however, it seems to be quite a bit less green and more like an old gold.

face of cloth olive

The part I really like, however, is tricky to see and even more tricky to photograph. The back of the cloth is more warp-faced and the little hints of the green weft really do glow golden.

back of cloth olive

But I think you will have to take my word for it, at least until it is off the loom.

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8 Responses

  1. Sandra Rude

    Nice color combination! I suspect it may be iridescent when it’s off the loom and wet-finished.

  2. Brenda

    Beautiful colors….not at all sweet like you’d think if you said the words “pink and green.” I’m inspired!

  3. Kerstin

    Love it!
    “Odd” colour combinations often are the best – I’m wondering what would happen with an orange-brown weft (you know, for that last colour-sampling bit), or lemon-yellow-and-pea-green, or… Maybe I need to put on some of that hot pink I have all to much of (don’t ask)

    • Cally

      Oooo, nice ideas. I did try a reddish-orange combo but it was a bit ho-hum – perhaps I need to go more orange? I am contemplating a dark red-purple-black too.

  4. neki rivera

    fields of poppies!

  5. Rosalind Vikstrom

    Great colours and a wonderful example of a simple weave made really special. An inspiration!

  6. Suzy

    I love the color combinations – very brave – thinking outside of the box. What is the weaving draft?

    • Cally

      It’s echo weave, Suzy, on a straight advancing threading.