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I’d love to tell you all about the exhibition I’m participating in this summer, but I am limited by the fact that I don’t know very much about it myself! It is all rather exciting, but the list of exhibitors is not yet public so I am just keeping my head down and making stuff. When I applied to the selection panel I sent five images in total: some of echo weave graffiti scarves and some of the new skinny scarves with the over-twisted weft…. Stuart is getting rather good at the old picture-taking, as you can see.

This zig-zag echo weave shot is one I think you’ve seen before…

pulse scarf

…but this full-length shot of a curvy scarf is new.

flow scarf

I struggle to come up with names for my work that aren’t the weird names I give things in my head, but when I started populating my wee online shop I finally settled on ‘Flow’ for the scarves with curves and ‘Pulse’ for the regular zig-zags.

twist scarf

The first over-twist scarf was my contribution to the mini exhibition celebrating Twist Fibre Craft, so I have called them ‘Twist’. If you don’t know anything about the yarn then it may be a bit cryptic, but as they are long and skinny — and hence easy to wrap around several times — then I reckon one could take it as a wearing reference as well as a yarn reference. Some are flared at the ends, like the original, and some are pleated ‘all the way the down’, as in the picture.

Anyway, I was supposed to be talking about gaps. Well… I am not exactly a volume producer. I do have some stock, but it is not vast. And, oddly, at the moment the graffiti scarves seem to fall into colour as well as design groups. It just so happens that most of the curvy scarves I have in hand are in the pink-red-orange range, while the zig-zag ones tend to be more blue-purple. I’d like to add some blues to the first group and some reds to the second before I select what will go to the exhibition. So to that end I have warped up in blue-green…

blue-green warp

…and started sampling.

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE the second pic!

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