auspicious days for new projects

My personal view is that the best day for starting a new project is the day you think of it. Or perhaps the day after, if the thought strikes when you are already in your pyjamas and brushing your teeth. However, if you apply this approach too often then you may end up with a large backlog of projects which were started hastily and never finished. This is annoying. It is especially annoying if you do actually want to finish them.

Popular wisdom (and possibly scientific research, for all I know) tells us that people are most likely to start diets on Mondays. This seems like a bad idea to me because it is likely to mean shopping for food on a Sunday evening, and that’s a terrible time to shop for food because there are only weird things left. I must admit that I am not a tremendous fan of Mondays, though they have improved a lot since I stopped having to go to an office on them, and a new project might liven them up. However, on a Sunday night I am more likely to be in the middle of a laundry crisis than a flow of bright ideas.

Some folk are very keen on the new year as a time of fresh starts. But if there is one thing I like less than a Monday it is January, so new year is not an auspicious time for me. I do get an annual positive feeling of new-year-ness, but it goes with the academic year rather than the calendar year. I think it is all the stationery in the shops that does it. But in any case it would be no good only having one starting point in the year, so that you had to save up all your ideas and then launch too many projects at once.

I’ve been harbouring an idea for a while and had no particular reason not to start working on it (aside from the usual state of over-commitedness), but also no particular reason to start it ‘today’ rather than ‘tomorrow’. Then on Monday I noticed that it wasn’t just a regular old Monday but a Monday The First. That must surely be auspicious for a new start! As my noticing didn’t happen until quite late in the day (though slightly ahead of pyjamas-and-toothbrush time) I had to move swiftly, so I commandeered the nearest notebook and got stuck in.

You might expect this to be the point where I start telling you about the project, but I can’t do that. I’ve repeatedly discovered that telling people about things puts me off doing them, so I will have to keep it to myself until it is much stronger. This characteristic is a bit of a disadvantage as far as blogging is concerned, but the best I can do for now is include a few scribbles to show that I am actually doing a thing.


Of course I am also weaving towards the summer show and will shortly be tackling the fabric I need to take to summer school. Yarn permitting, I may even be winding a new warp on Monday. How fitting.

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  1. Margery
    | Reply

    Great post, ending with one of my favorite phrases of all time: yarn permitting! Can’t wait to see where you go with this.

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