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I hope Margery will be relieved to know that the yarn hath permitted and a new warp is wound. I am being my usual unreliable self and, having made detailed plans for a fine cotton warp, I have embarked instead on a thick woolly one. I still hope to get both woven in time for summer school…

Baby cloth finishedAnyway, as I mentioned the other day, thick and chunky is not really my thing; but I reckoned it would make a challenging fabric to sew and thus a useful thing to take to summer school. The end use I have in mind is a small carpet-style bag. The draft I have in mind is one I used five years ago to make Abigail a baby blanket (yes! she’s now five!), which in turn was recycled from one of my Bradford projects. And, as this post explained, I originally snitched it from Ann Sutton’s ‘Colour-and-Weave Design’. It’s a lovely draft and I’m pleased to have an excuse to dig it out again.


For the blanket I spread the four-shaft draft over six shafts, but this time I have decided to stick to four and use adjacent heddles on the same shaft for the doubled ends. That will leave me four shafts for a broken twill selvedge: by eliminating the two-picks-in-the-same-shed thing I hope to make the weaving smoother — and in this case I don’t need the edge to match.

I gathered together a bucket of assorted thick wool yarns…

bucket of yarn

…and one thin one. Confession: I had some turquoise wool which I wanted to use for the fine outlines but… there wasn’t enough of it. So I went and bought 100g of 2/28 worsted. It is a bit finer than my original choice, but I think that may actually be an improvement.

I weighed all the bits and bobs of the other yarns and planned a warp which took into account the different amounts of the various colours. And by close of play today I had this on the loom.

bucket warp

I’m left with a lot of brown and very dark green so the weft will be a lot less bright than the warp. I am hoping this will yield a middling colourful and reasonably coherent-looking cloth and not a sludgy mess — but I haven’t sampled so I could be horribly wrong.

I didn’t do any scarf-weaving today and this fact is making me fidgety. I have to deliver my work for the summer show three weeks from today.

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  1. Laura
    | Reply

    Totally understand about the fidgety. I made a to do list on the plane today and in the face of everything that wants doing and the fact that I am about 3500 miles from home…methinks I should have left the list making til the homeward flight… :-/

  2. Margery
    | Reply

    Relieved…excited for you…and eager to see the outcome. The blue (lavender?) wool really makes the colors pop!

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