8 shaft zig-zags

Picking up again from here… I did have time before I went away to try a number of echo weave samples on 8 shafts. The yarn I am using is a 2/16 Ne unmercerised cotton. It seems to work nicely at a sett of 48 epi, but that density would make the pattern very small indeed if I didn’t stretch out the advance a bit. I therefore threaded the pattern line as 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4-5 and so on. I used an offset of 3 as I had planned, then tied up all 14 treadles for a 1/2/3/2 twill (suggested by Sandra R, I think). The reason for tying up all 14 rather than just the middle 8 was to avoid ‘wrapping around’ in the treadling as much as possible, since that is where I tend to go wrong when treadling points!

I played around with three different no-wrap treadlings which make zig-zags and tried out some variations on these. The warp is dark and light green; the weft is purple.

The first sample…

8 shaft sample 1

…uses this treadling, which has a little dornik-style skip at the point. Since this is a much denser weave than the echo scarves, however, I wove sample 2 in a similar manner but without the skip.

8 shaft sample 2

Sample 3…

8 shaft sample 3

…is just a long zig on treadles 1-12 and a zag on treadles 14-3 as shown here.

Sample 4 is in the same family as sample 3, but takes a random zig-zag walk across the treadles with no skipping.

8 shaft sample 4

I did weave another sample which combined random walks with skips, but it was very confusing to do and hardly looks different from sample 4 — definitely not worth the pain-in-the-brain it caused me.

Sample 5 is a networked treadling without any reversals and uses just the centre eight shafts, as shown here.

8 shaft sample 5

This one has the ‘softest’ appearance but still a very pronounced zig-zag.

These images show what I think of as the ‘A’ side of the cloth. In each case the ‘A’ side has the clearest areas of warp and weft colours. The ‘B’ sides are much more muted. Here’s my first sample again but from the other side: it’s showing mainly the greens of the warp, with just an overall tint gained from the purple weft.

8 shaft sample 1B

There is plenty here to work with, and I’m glad to have some different options.

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  1. Vladka
    | Reply

    Beautiful work! I like especially number 2 and 4. Have a nice day!

  2. neki rivera
    | Reply

    for me the one before last.

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