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Miss Smilla popped into my studio during the WASPS Open Studios weekend last year — being a practitioner of the art of crochet, she was irresistibly attracted to my wall of yarn — and it turns out that we both have a taste for a lot of colour in our colour choices, so we had a lot to talk about.

Anyway, she keeps a very fine blog at www.misssmillacrochets.co.uk where she not only crochets, takes photographs etc but also runs an occasional interview series with artists and makers. So if you hop over there just now, you’ll find the answers to all sorts of questions you might never have thought of asking me, like ‘What was the first dress you ever made, Cally?’ and ‘Why do you like Thursdays?’

I’m not managing much loom time this week, alas. I have been down to Edinburgh for a day at the summer show and am off there again on Saturday (do come in and say hello!), while today and tomorrow are ‘Glasgow days’ – catching up with my supervisors and marking exams. It all adds up to rather a lot of time on the train, and I expect to have an aching back before Saturday night. On the plus side, it is lovely to get out and about a bit, and I do enjoy the social side: meeting people with a passion for craft AND catching up with my colleagues at the uni.

Haven’t had a gratuitous cat picture in a while. Here’s Polly-up-a-tree.

Polly up a tree 600

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