medley of extemporanea

You’ll have noticed by now that I am subject to whims. I do like it best when the whims are my own. I had quite clear ideas about what I was going to be doing over the next few weeks, but at the moment I seem to be rearranging from day to day… Not for unpleasant reasons, I should add, but in a way that leaves me increasingly wondering what day it is, what I am doing today and whether it was due yesterday.

I have now woven lots of four shaft samples and spent some time at the weekend scanning them in to the computer. Nothing much to report on that activity, except that mohair looks really weird in the scanner — sort of startled, don’t you think? Poor thing.

scanned mohair

The reason I am playing around with mohair is that Pat has given me several bags of interesting yarns which new weavers might enjoy and I thought I would put them to use in a few samples. My favourite part is brushing it up after pressing: so much less wriggly under the brush than a cat is, but almost as soft and cuddly.

When I got back from summer school I was disgusted at the state of my studio. The wool fabric I had woven before leaving had produced an enormous amount of greasy fluff which was lying about the place in gigantic clumps and, as normally happens when I’m rushing off somewhere, I left a pre-departure panicky chaos which looked a hundred times worse in the cool light of not-panicking-any-more. I went so far as to enlist Stuart’s* help in a major clean — the kind where you move all the furniture — and the result is a spotless studio. But it actually makes me uncomfortable. I need to build up a tolerable amount of mess before I can relax again. I have been getting all the yarns out for sampling on a new scarf warp…

new zigzag colours

…but it still all feels rather too neat and consequently I am a bit on edge.

turquoise-green-lilac weftAt least I have made a weft choice for the first of the Great Scarf Re-stock.

And I have just committed myself to a two-day arts festival in November so I really do need a few scarves on hand!

Last year for the WASPS Open Studios I made this wee tent in order to participate in the miniature house trail around the building. This year the WASP-inspired theme is ‘hives’, and I must admit that my first thought is of a nasty rash. But it does seem like a reason to weave some honeycomb, doesn’t it? Throw it into the medley and see what happens…





*As of last Tuesday, my husband of 25 years. He deserves a medal!

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6 Responses

  1. Karen
    | Reply

    Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary!

  2. Margreet
    | Reply

    A Very Happy Anniversary to you both! SILVER!!

  3. Alice in Richmond
    | Reply

    I like the 4 shaft weaves, like the mess around me and loved my trip on my 25th to London and the West of England when I think I first started reading your blog. Congratulations to you and Stuart.

    Hives are nasty.

  4. Cally
    | Reply

    Thanks everyone! We started the second 25 years with a lovely evening out.

  5. Ange Sewell
    | Reply

    Happy anniversary! Tidy studio freaks me out at times, what am I saying, it never happens. I like the idea of rashes as that takes a different meaning on hives.

  6. Dot
    | Reply

    That neat weaving needs to be off the loom and worn a bit and then it will settle down into being not-so-neat. The colours are fun.

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