some inspiration

I had a chance to visit Edinburgh today and managed to get to the Peter Doig exhibition just a few days before it closes.


I can’t remember whether I have ever seen a show which had so much background material — sketches, photographs, studies — accompanying the major works, and it was fascinating to see so many different perspectives on each theme. I will never look at a pink umbrella in the same way again. If you can’t get to Edinburgh by Sunday, then you can either catch it at the Musée des beaux-arts in Montréal next year or see some highlights online.

On another inspirational note, a few weeks ago I attended the Craft Scotland conference where the keynote speaker was Hans Stofer. His talk also gave us a glimpse into his working processes and we were all left buzzing with excitement. (I wanted to run straight out of the room and make stuff, which wasn’t the ideal response at the beginning of two days of lectures, but there you go.) Craft Scotland have just posted an extract from Professor Stofer’s talk here. Read and enjoy.

I love crossing the bridge by train. Especially when the light on the water is uncertain. Fortunately, our weather makes sure that it often is.

October light

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