double weave sampling

Alas it has been a week of too much computer time. I have managed a very little bit of sampling, mainly targeted at the ‘light half’ of my sample warp…

light sample

…though I have made a brief start on the darker half.

The colours aren’t hugely important as I am more interested in the materials, but I am interested in the relative values of the two layers.

As usual, I had to do quite a lot of Thinking to devise the peg plan. A manual dobby is an excellent tool for forcing you to Think When Networking. I must admit that this is often painful at the time, but it does push me to understand what I am doing and not to rely on the computer to do the work. (Plus there is a good deal of satisfaction to be had from Working It Out Myself, though I may not appreciate this part until I’m done.)

double weave moving block peg plan

In this case I have threaded my two layers on separate groups of eight shafts — 1 to 8 and 9 to 16 — and I am weaving twill in both, but in opposite directions. I’m not sure yet that I have got the best interface at the layer exchange (though I have plenty of warp still to go). Anyway, using twill means that I need 8 picks for a complete repeat in both layers. I have therefore pegged up 64 lags, i.e. 8 groups of 8. Each group has a block of three ends exchanged between the layers, and the block advances one end between groups. I can therefore weave in complete groups and then go straight from one group to the next to get a Network-Lite (which is what I was doing in the photo above) or I can wind back and forth at any point — using my trusty cycling glove — to interleave groups and mix things up a bit more (which I have also done but failed to photograph).

In other news, last week Dundee made its bid to be UK City of Culture in 2017 and the winner will be announced on Wednesday 20th November. One of the huge strengths of Dundee’s bid is that the team have done a fantastic job of gathering contributions and support from people in all parts of the city through the We Dundee initiative.

And if you watch this video, you may see a familiar weaver (and a familiar wall of yarn!) in the first half-minute.


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  1. Margreet
    | Reply

    Love to see/hear more about this weaving, looks a very interesting project.
    Sorry to hear you lost to Hull 🙁

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Yes, it’s very disappointing! But I reckon Dundee is going to be doing great cultural things by 2017 anyway… you will have to come and visit!

      • Margreet
        | Reply

        Well, that’s an idea 🙂

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