Four new weavers

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This week saw the last of the current series of weekly weaving classes and my four students are now Real Weavers. I am amazed and delighted by the wonderful weavings they have produced. They spent the first few weeks doing a ’round robin’ and trying out different yarns and threadings. However, for the last month or so they have been beavering away at their own projects — and now that they have finished you would hardly know they had taken the same course! When the time came for cutting off we rigged up a ‘display string’ on one of the warping boards…

Display string

…and had a mini photo shoot. I must say I did a pretty poor job of getting pictures which aren’t blurred, but here are some close-ups — I hope they will give you as good an idea of the weaves as possible given my technical limitations.

This is by Christine:

New weaving Christine


New weaving Louise


New weaving Joyce


New weaving Eilidh

The looms are now bare and my studio is very quiet. I shall miss our Tuesday night weaves, but I feel very proud of these new weavers.

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  1. Karen
    | Reply

    Wow, these are wonderful!

    • Cally
      | Reply

      I hope you’re inspired, Karen!

  2. neki rivera
    | Reply

    every new weaver is such good news.

  3. sandra rude
    | Reply

    I must say they’ve achieved much better results than I did in my first weaving class! Good students usually means good teacher…

  4. Margreet
    | Reply

    Cally, great to have new weavers, and what lovely results! Great teacher!

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