warp all over the place

I started practising with the mill by winding a short sample warp. The plan in my head was to try out some ideas involving differential shrinkage with a single layer of networked twill. I wanted half my warp in light shades and half in dark, so I started with the light — a mix of some grey cottons and a variegated slubby thing.

light warp bout

Only as I wound, I pondered… and decided that what I really wanted to sample was a networked double weave. This is something I could usefully have thought before I started. I don’t have enough of these light colours to thread two layers-worth so I needed to wind the second layer separately.

warp bouts

Now I have bouts of warp all over the place. The light half layer, two middling half layers and I still have to wind the dark half layer I originally planned.

I don’t enjoy the threading as much when I have two sets of lease sticks on the go, so the prospect is making me peevish. But on the plus side, I am getting twice the winding practice I had anticipated.

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