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I’ve been very lucky over the last couple of weeks. While I have been playing around with my samples, somebody else has actually been doing the work. How good is that? Krissana came to a taster day in September and was keen to practise her skills some more, so we arranged a trade. She has been learning to dress a loom by, well, dressing looms: getting the table looms ready for the next taster day in January. And in exchange she has had some time and help with weaving a piece of her own. I reckon I have had the best of the bargain as Krissana is a very quick learner and — as you can see from the intricate work in paper which she did for her masters show earlier this year — she can already handle much fiddlier and less forgiving tasks than threading heddles.

For her own design Krissana chose to weave diamonds…

Krissana's weaving

…and she has really made the most of that threading by mixing warp-faced, weft-faced and balanced treadlings.

I haven’t quite got the silk on the loom yet, though I have wound several bouts like this:

grey silk warp

I’ve been mixing the greys with different shades of blue so that my warp has become a slightly demented looking colour gamp. I am not at all sure what combination will suit my purposes best so I reckoned I might as well try a few all at once (and potentially rule them out more quickly).

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  1. Meg
    | Reply

    Demented. Cally. Nah, it’ll work out smartly. Do mix a bit of yellow if you feel adventurous. You may not regret it.

    • Cally
      | Reply

      I very nearly did – got out a couple of spools and toyed with the idea, but decided I would save it to add in later.

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