My grey silk yarns have been caught up in the Christmas post while I harrumph about the studio not wanting to start anything else. On the plus side it forced me to do an unpleasant job I have been putting off: adding heddles to some of the shafts on the Megado.

Fond as I am of that loom, I must admit that it does not encourage the addition of heddles. However, I can’t do much in the way of double weave given the configuration I inherited — shafts 15 & 16 are significantly underpopulated, which has led to some very odd designs — so I finally knuckled down to it. In fact, shafts 15 & 16 are relatively easily accessed, but I also needed to top up some of the shafts in the middle and that is where the loom conspires against me. But they are done now and here’s the proof:

new heddles

And I have started sampling for another endeavour as well. This is more 8-shaft yardage on the Delta and I started the threading…

threading the first time

…but got halfway through and then changed my mind. Impatient and restless. I will start again from the beginning tomorrow.

And my silks finally arrived! So I had better get focused. I think I may be able to develop one of my ideas into some yardage suitable for entry into the Convergence exhibit, but that has a deadline…

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  1. Meg
    | Reply

    Even with just 16, 1-3 is a cinch, 7-10 is a b1+ch… Glad you got that out of the way; now let’s see the grays!!!!!

  2. Kerstin
    | Reply

    again we see the superiority of unsophisticated Swe looms… just some lashed-together planks

    (I had opportunity to study the Louet, er, ideas?, at Pat’s – I can only commiserate w you – but in my mind there is, as so often, a big “but WHY???”)

    But now it is done! (remember, according to Swe teaching of the ’80ies, after EVERY warp, the loom has to be stripped down to the bare frame – heddles, shaft bars, treadles and all)

    • Cally
      | Reply

      I think I’ll skip that step, thank you!

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