next round of samples

I haven’t had much time to work on these. I blame this sad state of affairs completely and entirely on the university’s unspeakably stressful online teaching thingummy: portal, environment, or whatever it may be called. I have had a miserable time with it all semester, but the last week has finally pushed me over the edge and I cannot speak of it without cursing and spitting. Thank goodness that sitting down at the loom fills my head with weaving ideas so that there is no room for all that horrid stuff.

So right now I’ve taken a skip back the other way– setting the lambswool samples aside for contemplation and returning to linear maps. The latest warp consisted of 2 strands of 60/2 silk per end. I tried it at 35 epi per layer, so 70 epi overall, which wove comfortably with a 30/2 silk weft at roughly 24 ppi per layer. I like the result, though I may… or may not… also try a more open sett for the purposes of comparison. I must admit I am biased towards warp-emphasis in my weaving and so a balanced weave tends to look a bit unbalanced to me.

This time I stitched the layers together all the way through and it makes the cloth much nicer to handle. On the loom it is not the most thrilling weave. It is a lot of twill and it mainly looks like this:

dw stitched blocks

i.e. each block is barely distinguishable from the one before it and the one after it. However, once you can stand back and view the whole thing, it looks a lot better.

dw stitched sampler

I tried out a few different wefts, but I the 30/2 silk is probably my favourite. Another one I liked was a silk/cotton blend which I got from Texere yarns in Bradford several years ago. It is the weft in the bottom half of this photo, taken on the loom:

dw stitched different wefts

The stated colour on the cone is terracotta, but you can see that it is actually a riot of colourful slubby bits. I am not sure whether they still carry it, or whether it exists in a combination of colours that would suit my intentions, but it is quite an appealing option.

I am not going to pursue it at the moment, though, as I have just spent a small fortune at Handweavers, buying sample-size spools of 60/2 silk in every shade of grey or greyish blue that they can offer. That will be the next warp in this sequence, unless I get distracted. My linear mapping idea is not progressing in a very linear manner, and I find I am torn between two possible Next Steps. One is a more personal development of the idea, the other possibly a more weaverly one. I would like to try both routes, but as every decision leads to a new set of choices there is no guarantee that I will find my way back!

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  1. Margery
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    Riots of slubby bits are just about my favorite thing in the world! Nice sampling, Cally.

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