A Day in the Life – 2014 Edition

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Happy New Year! I hope 2014 brings much joy to you and to those you love.

I’m approaching 2014 with more optimism than is usual for me at this time of year — January being a spectacularly unmotivating month in general — because the end of a certain long-overdue project is finally in sight and I’m looking forward to more time for other things. Just at the moment, though, I am in full juggling mode and have the prospect of a massive quantity of marking right around the corner. I’ve made very little progress at the loom, but there is a lot of this about:

megado 2014

The Megado is nearly threaded for sampling in grey-and-a-bit silks. And on the Delta…

delta 2014

…why, that would be a sample warp in cotton all threaded up and no further. Yet.

Mind you, I think this must be the first time in ‘A Day in the Life of Looms‘ that I have had all 6 looms in active service. Thanks to Krissana all the table looms are already warped and ready for the first taster day of 2014 on 18 January.

table looms 2014-2

table looms 2014-1

In spite of the rapidly approaching term, this week of old year/new year always feels like a secret time out of time. It is the annual space for clearing both my head and my desk. It’s shredding and filing week! It’s also the week for finishing my tax return, hanging up the new calendar and wondering whether this will be the year I finally defenestrate the printer (and whether I will cave in and buy a new one). My website is due for an overhaul so I have also started to work on that. At the moment I am playing around with some options at qsandbox.com — website stuff is not my strong point, but I do enjoy doing it myself (as long as it works) so I am not anxious to hand it over to someone else. Anyway, if I do blow it all up, I’m sure you’ll make allowances. And I’m reviewing my commitments to different kinds of work…. how to keep it all in balance? Or perhaps balance is not the goal? ‘Moderation in all things’, including moderation perhaps.

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  1. Meg
    | Reply

    Just be sure you keep Krissana within reach at all times, and even if the website blows up, make sure we can come visit your blog AT ALL TIMES, 24/7, FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD so I don’t have to come to Dundee knocking on your door. 🙂

    Have a wonderful year, Cally, and all the best to S also, and your mum and aunt. And I suppose, the cats, too.

  2. Karen
    | Reply

    Happy New Year, Cally. I also hope you don’t blow everything up! Especially, as I am looking forward to starting the course at the end of January x

  3. Isabella
    | Reply

    Hi Cally (and also to Meg – are we the only ones without a hangover this morning? Although I do note that you posted your comment at 2.48 am. Impressive).
    You mentioned “….because the end of a certain long-overdue project is finally in sight” and I think I know what that is, so very best wishes for the final hurdle and also for your 2014 textile activities.

    It’s blowing a New Year hooley down here and when I wrote the word hooley I had to find out where it came from, only ever coming across it when I lived in NW Scotland, the Land of the Hooley. On this interesting site


    I found a post quoting a French expression which apparently means the same thing. In translation, “the wind is so strong it could remove the horns from the oxen”

    I thought you should know that. And best wishes for 2014, oxen or no.


    • Cally
      | Reply

      I really did need to know that, thank you. My poor oxen will be relieved that I finally appreciate what they suffer.

      Meg does have the advantage that her new year started half a day ahead of ours. I’m just peeking at the daylight of 2014 for the first time – not quite ready for more than a peek yet.

      • Meg
        | Reply

        It’s been blowing hoolies for a month down here, so very grateful to wake up to a thunderstorm and heavy rain on Jan 1 – but as usual from afternoon onwards, (and it’s about 11AM on the 2nd here,) it’s been sunny, sunny, sunny. And as regards the hangover, ummm…. we’ve been too old and tired for parties and more than a thimble-full at a time of intoxicants for some years, so we watch the telly sipping tea and go to bed soon after midnight. But goodness me, http://www.omniglot.com/blog/?page_id=787 – “Why?” is the only thought in my mind. He could have woven a scarf or two in all this time…

  4. neki rivera
    | Reply

    happy new year!
    i am participating in loomsday this year but can’t show photos of my studio because it is the opposite of yours.guess i’ll be spending the day putting order into chaos.
    to a year full of bright, well tensioned warps and successful weaves.

  5. marion
    | Reply

    Happy new year Cally, and beside all the good wishes a happy weaving year.

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