A Dose of Colour

It’s not all grey around here. I have just finished up my cotton samples on the Delta, having tried every colour of weft I could lay my hands on. Like these.

ribbon pattern lots of wefts

I was a bit disappointed in the light green of the warp –I would have preferred a slightly warmer shade to go with blues and purples in a crocussy sort of way – but it came to life when I used a very bright green in the weft.

Here it is. Although it looks similar to the photo above, this one is actually much brighter.

ribbon pattern with green weft

I like the way the blue in the warp becomes more of a teal with the green across it, while the very pale green provides the value contrast.

There is activity in the neutrals department too, though. I have just taken delivery of a sack of grey bourette silk which is my (current) final choice of weft.

And in the web department, we have the new gallery. It is very easy to use and one of my favourite things about this theme. Another new web thing is that I have introduced a modest anti-spam measure: a box which needs to be ticked when you post a comment. I hope nobody finds this too annoying, because I really do appreciate your comments. In general, I have found Akismet (the WP anti-spam plugin) to be very effective, but lately I’ve been getting a number of unnecessary emails re spam comments held for moderation rather than automatically junked. I’m hoping the tick box (and the clever stuff behind it from G.A.S.P.) will deal with that.

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  1. marion
    | Reply

    It looks like a very interesting pattern. And the green colour would be my choice.

  2. neki rivera
    | Reply

    the yellow & blue for me as i’m not a green person

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