Camera shy

About a week ago I was asked by the good people at WASPS if I would participate in a mini video about my work. I dithered for a while as ‘in front of the camera’ is not a favourite place of mine, but then I told myself not to be such a wuss and said OK. But I was very, very nervous. And this morning the lovely Nicole came up from Glasgow to interview me in my studio and I was still very nervous. And then, well, after all that… yes, I was absolutely right to be nervous. I am rubbish in front of a camera! But ’tis done now and my wafflings are all digitally harvested for editing. Lots of editing, I hope. I really shouldn’t be allowed out without a script, that’s for sure.

I needed a warp on the loom quick for the purposes of the video, so I made a whole lot of colourful stripes…

coloured stripy warp

…so that I could weave some teaching samples. I have plans for some new one-day workshops, which I hope to post very shortly, so there is no time like right now for getting prepared. So I really shouldn’t have been messing around like this…

coloured stripes

…because that isn’t part of the plan. Or at least, it isn’t part of the first part of the plan, which is where I should be focused. I blame the marking. Which is finally done, by the way, although – as inevitably as night follows day – the great marking mountain is followed by the slough of admin.

Sorry about the colour in that second picture by the way; the first one is much more accurate. Mind you, how would I know? I am actually looking at both on our brand new monitor which is reputed to be excellent at colour. On the evidence so far, I do believe that it is. It has the freakish habit, however, of recalibrating itself depending on what program you are using. One can switch this off, but I am still treating it as if I were a tourist in an exotic zoo. On the web (as one typically is when writing a blog post) everything is tinged slightly green. This is the ‘multimedia’ setting and I presume it does this so that films and TV programmes aren’t populated with unnaturally florid people. It has a mighty weird effect on textiles, though.

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