Four is too many

Four jobs, that is. I have come to this profound conclusion as my crazy-crisis continues… Starting with the OU is great fun, finishing up other things – well, not so much. I hadn’t anticipated quite such an unholy collision of deadlines as I’m staggering through at the moment, but it will pass. It always does.

And there are good things in the studio.

This bit of sampling is now scaled up and on the Delta. My weave students are brilliant. I have mad ideas for things to weave on the Megado. I have deep thoughts about weaving design and process, which, fortunately, I am too exhausted to share with you.

blue green cotton threading

blue green cotton threaded

blue green cotton ready

blue green cotton temple

blue green cotton woven

The theme here is ribbons: looping, dancing ribbons.

Update: Apologies to those who have tried valiantly to comment but have been turned away by the overzealous spam police! There were a bunch of updates last night and now things are not working as they should… Isn’t that always the way? I have now switched off the extra anti-spam thing, while I try and work out what is broken….

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  1. neki rivera
    | Reply

    have no prob w the anti spam, it’s the page which is painfully slow to load. the rains?
    anyhow now here and the warp looks gorgeous

    • Cally
      | Reply

      The server seemed to me to be running slow today (took me ages to do a backup) so that doesn’t help! Technology is not my friend just now. Glad you made it though 🙂

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