New classes, new whizzy web stuff

It is, of course, extremely dangerous to suggest that anything about my website is whizzy, because that is just asking for catastrophic failure. Nonetheless, I am tentatively pleased with my new classes page, which is in fact an online shop where bookings can be made.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the sort of classes I should offer. When I was first learning to weave, there was not a great deal available in these parts. Weaving lessons are still not offered on every street corner (wouldn’t that be something??) but scattered around Scotland there are several active tutors doing a range of workshops, mainly for beginners but also for more experienced weavers. I’m very excited about this, as it really was a bit of a doldrums a few years ago – and even if you can still count weaving workshops on your fingers at least you need several fingers to count them! But it does force me to ask the question: what can I bring to the loom that is a little bit different?

So I’ve decided to follow my own inclinations and preferences, on the basis that if I like something then other people may like it too. I’m calling my programme Off the Grid, its subtitle being ‘Weaving Curves and Textures’. This theme is sufficiently focused to be different to what is on offer elsewhere, but sufficiently broad that I can develop it for different levels of experience, complexity of loom etc. I’m starting with things that can be done on four shafts, specifically honeycomb – the deflected weft kind, rather than the seaside resort kind – and differential shrinkage. I am also thinking about hand-manipulated lace (which is where my unscheduled outbreak of leno came from) but this is something I used to do rather than something I currently do, so I need to warm myself up again. And if enough 8-shaft weavers can be mustered, then I would love to offer an introduction to network drafting as well. The first Off the Grid offerings will be one-day workshops, but the nice thing about a themed programme is that there is scope to be incredibly flexible in the future.

I’m still scheduling regular taster days too, and am planning another weekly series in the autumn. The current cohort of weekly students has only just begun but they are off to a flying start – it’s very exciting to watch!

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