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I wonder whether makers in other disciplines get as much fun out of meeting up as weavers do? It always seems to me that ‘weaving socials’ have more of a buzz than any other common-interest group I hang out with, and I suspect it is because we are relatively thin on the ground and so we get over-excited when we meet folk who speak the same language.

Anyway, I was delighted to see tapestry weaver Katie Russell yesterday morning. She was over in Dundee to take down her exhibition which has been on display at Verdant Works since the autumn (a lovely show it was too), and called at the studio for a yarn exchange and a chat. On the face of it, our weaving interests could hardly be more different, but we still had LOTS to talk about. For instance: How can we continue to develop our skills? How do (woven) textiles fit into our local landscape of art, craft and design? How do our different weave-related communities define themselves? Isn’t the east coast of Scotland brilliant? Actually, that last point isn’t a question, it’s an indisputable fact.

Today was much quieter: just me and these guys.

cotton warp yarns

I’m starting work on an order for some yardage, so there will be a lot of this:

cotton warp on mill

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