There’s a bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in my head from all the ideas that are waking up and starting to flap their teeny tiny wings. What a treat! Even though I need to calm down before I can think clearly, I am enjoying the liberating feeling. There are plans afoot, oh yes, there are plans. Not well-formed, organised plans, but wild and colourful visions of possibilities. Just what this tired old brain needs!

In the studio four looms are abuzz with new plans too, as my lovely students are getting their own projects underway. Interestingly, everyone has decided to weave in lambswool but there are four completely different colour schemes and four completely different designs, so it will be wonderful to see these grow. Here’s a sneaky peek (I always want to write peak after sneaky, in case you were wondering) at their newly beamed warps:

I am glad we have achieved the beaming, as I am a bit of a disaster around looms adorned with raddles and lease sticks. In fact I am a bit of a disaster around sticks in general. I didn’t know the word proprioception until I tore the ligaments in my ankle and my foot lost its way in the world. However, I have always known that my hand-eye coordination is somewhat feeble – in fact my anything-anything coordination is frankly not up to much, and I usually have the bruises to show for it – so working my way around a studio of half-assembled looms is a bit hazardous. Fortunately, I have mostly been on the bench, treadling away.

This morning I put a load of washing in our still-pretty-new washing machine, and I smiled as I did so because it is such a pleasure to have this efficient and effective appliance doing the laundry. I really do enjoy having this washing machine in my life! And I realised that I am much happier about having a new washing machine than about having a PhD. I am pleased about the latter, yes… but I am absolutely thrilled about the former. What does this mean? Does it mean anything? Are washing machines just totally brilliant things?

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  1. fancythreads
    | Reply

    That PhD is important, you know? Because, now it’s done and out of the way, there is room in your head for all the buzzing around to happen!
    ps I have just emailed off my report – hurrah!
    Karen x

  2. Sandra Rude
    | Reply

    You mean, brilliant as opposed to whatever word one might select to describe doing the laundry entirely by hand? Yes, dammit, brilliant. Oh, yes, and congratulations are in order. I hope you did that bottle wine justice! How’s it working out to have two doctors in the house, now that you’ve leveled the playing field title-wise?

  3. MegWeaves
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  4. Debbie Stohn
    | Reply

    Washing machines are so liberating! And a new one is twice so! Can we use that word in this century without sounding ‘old’???!!

  5. marlene toerien
    | Reply

    HI Cally, congrats on the PHD, you are clever! I am wondering after looking at your mighty mug rugs again, if you can let me have the draft for 8 shafts. I love your weaving

    • Cally
      | Reply

      Hi Marlene, I am in the middle of migrating all my clutter to a new computer but once I am sorted out I will see whether I can find the draft!

      • marlene toerien
        | Reply

        Thank you

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