On a roll

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Reached the end of this cone last week…

empty weft cone

…which meant that this was the final haul:

full cloth beam

I did the washing and pressing over the weekend and then… rolled it all up again.

finished roll

I didn’t manage to be quite as neat with my rolling as I would have liked, but it makes me unbelievably happy that the pattern happens to meet at the end. Like perfectly sized wrapping paper!

All is now swathed in bubble wrap and brown paper and ready for the courier tomorrow. I can’t mention the destination just yet, but I hope we will be seeing it again soon.

There seems to be general agreement that washing machines are indeed brilliant: perhaps those of us who handle a lot of cloth are more appreciative than most of the labour they save us.

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  1. Janet Stollnitz
    | Reply

    Looks great! Hope that it will be shown where I (US) might see it.

  2. Pat Burns-Wendland
    | Reply

    Beautiful cloth, your work is inspiring.

  3. Martha
    | Reply

    Cally, what incredible fabric. Curious to learn who the lucky buyer is and what will become of it. Lovely work!

  4. MegWeaves
    | Reply

    You mean you stuck the whole thing in the machine?? Gulp.

  5. Helga
    | Reply


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